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Class Description

We offer collective group classes featuring a diverse schedule that caters to individuals ranging from Absolute Beginners to Advanced dancers. Our program includes a comprehensive Beginner Syllabus, which consists of 5 Tracks that can be taken in any order within a 4-month period. We guarantee that these tracks will provide you with a solid foundation as you embark on your Tango journey.

Argentine Tango encompasses three distinct rhythms: Milonga, Tango, and Vals. While they share similar step patterns, each rhythm possesses its own unique tempo and characteristics. 

  • Milonga, the first rhythm to be created, emphasizes a fast tempo that generates quick, small, and percussive staccato steps. 

  • Tango, on the other hand, focuses on a slower tempo, resulting in more deliberate and stylized movements. This rhythm allows for larger, paused, and dynamic steps, creating a sense of density in your dance.

  • Vals highlights a waltz tempo, which brings about a sense of suspension, fluidity, and circularity in your movements.

Our classes meet once a week for a duration of 4 weeks. The course is designed to be progressive, building upon a specific sequence of steps and techniques each week. Our experienced instructors are deeply passionate about helping each dancer reach their highest potential.

Please refer to our class schedule below to find the class that best suits your needs. We look forward to guiding you on your Tango journey.

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6:30- 7:30 PM Beginner TRACK 4 full description in syllabus.

7:30- 9 PM Intermediate/ Vals In this class, we'll focus on Vals, and how to play with the music.

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6:30- 7:30 PM Beginner TRACK 1 Full Description in syllabus below.

*7:30-9 PM Building tango sequences that you can gain a better understanding of the vocabulary and begin to construct simple combinations to complex patterns that can be improvised at a give situation or moment within the dance. Role changing is essential.



*6:30-7:30 PM Beginner TRACK 2 Full description in Syllabus.

*7:30-9 PM Milonga Will focus on understanding the Afro. based rhythm, called Candombe. Learn musicality, rhythmic walking, and sequences. Class will focus on Milonga Lisa and Traipse.

Maria Jose Tango Classes


*2:30-3:30 PM Beginner TRACK 3 Milonga Full Description in Syllabus.

*3:30-5 PM Advance class: for tangueros with experience. We will explore styling technique for leaders and followers, embellishments and challenge yourself with dynamics and figures. Contact me before joining this class.

Class pricing:

  • Individual Drop In classes: $25 (1hr. class), $35 (1.5hrs. class)  

  • One month 4 Classes Package/ One class per week with One instructor: $84 (1hr. class), $124 (1.5 hrs. class)

  • Unlimited One Month package/  Special Price: $217 

*Good for One month of unlimited classes. (Great for those who want to take more than one class a week) 

Payment: Online, Cash


Location: 151 W 30TH, 3RD FL, NY, NY 10001

Beginner Syllabus


1: Change of weight Walking

(forward, backward and side)

2: Rock step Rocking with change of direction

3: Walking to the cross

4: We are ready for the Basic Step!



1: Introduction to Pivots

2: Combination of rock step and forward ocho

3: Back ochos exiting in cross system

4: Review, you need it and we know it!



1: Changing the system in the cross (5 of the basic)

2: Cross system from the leader's extra step

3: Ochos and cross system

4: Cross system in the "dark side"...


Track 4: GIROS (TURNS)

1: Introduction to giros

2: Sequence with 2 steps of the turn to the left, from leader's right step

3: Giro with leader's footwork 

4: Same sequence to the right!

Track 5: Introduction to Milonga/ Vals

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